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Fully Indigenous - High Quality at Economical Prices
Bio-fouling - the problem

The dark and warm environment inside ship's pipework provides a hospitable environment for marine organisms such as barnacles, encrusting bryozoans, molluscs and mussels. These settle on the internal surfaces of ship's sea water pipes causing blockages and reduced flow. This leads to reduced cooling efficiency, higher fuel consumption and can affect the safe operation of the vessel. 

MGPS - the solution

Marine Growth Prevention Systems (MGPS), also called Impressed Current Anti-Fouling (ICAF) or Anti-Fouling & Corrosion Control (AFCC) systems are installed in ship's sea water inlets (either in the seachest or in the strainers) to prevent marine organisms from settling in the sea water pipes.

Arico Marine and MGPS

Arico Marine has been involved with MGPS systems for over 30 years. We have designed and installed MGPS systems in over 300 Indian flag vessels - including large bulk carriers and tankers, Jack up Rigs, Naval vessels, OSVs and tugs.

Drawing on our extensive experience in this field, we now manufacture MGPS systems under our ARION+™ brand. The system is completely designed and manufactured in-house at our factory in Mumbai. 

Range of Control Panels, Anodes and Mounting

We can offer a wide range of product options

Control panels - from touch-screen based fully automated control panels to compact and economical control panels for smaller vessels.

Anodes - with three standard diameters and a range of lengths, the system can be tailored for any combination of flow rate and design life.

Cathodes - S.S. Cathodes for applications where these may be required.

Mounting arrangements - Welded or Flanged for sea-chest mounting, Nylon for strainer mounting. 

Replacement anodes

With the current challenging economic scenario in the shipping industry, ship operators are always looking for ways to reduce their expenditure on spares and consumables without compromising on quality.


Arico Marine supplies replacement MGPS anodes for most international brands, at a significantly lower cost than the OEM spares. Every supply comes with Test Certificates to give you peace of mind about the quality. 

Our customers include most major Indian shipping companies and their repeat orders bear testament to the quality and high level of customer satisfaction. 

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